Increase yields with powerful, cost-effective, water-based additives

Mosmart Agricultural Solutions

We think that growing high-quality, high-yield crops should be simple and cost-effective. Our unique products work with nature and the power of water to boost plant growth, improve disease and stress resilience and protect the land and waterways.

Our range of agricultural products uses the unique power of surfactant technology to work with natural plant processes. Mosmart Agricultural Solutions shift pH, boost CO2 levels and increase nutrients to ensure that growers can produce the highest quality plants with the greatest yields. Every product is delivered in liquid form in easy-to-use systems with minimal waste, providing cost-effective solutions for all crops and farms of all sizes.

Discover Mosmart Agricultural Solutions

Mosmart CO2 Enriched Water

  • A super-saturated solution of enriched CO2.
  • Misted into the canopy, CO2 is immediately absorbed into the leaf to increase the rate of photosynthesis.
  • Biomass is increased, fruits are sweetened and nutrient uptake is improved.

Mosmart pH Shift

  • Micronized lime in a unique emulsion for fast and easy application.
  • Mosmart pH Shift is absorbed quickly into the root for fast action.
  • Localised pH adjustments can be made without the use of third-party contractors.

Mosmart Plant Booster

  • A unique blend of fertiliser combined with three powerful biostimulants.
  • Applied to the leaf in a water solution, absorption is fast and effective with minimal runoff.
  • Patented surfactant technology means easy uptake by the plant and results seen in as little as 12 hours.

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