Fight fires faster and reduce smoke and toxin release with biodegradable water additives

Mosmart Marine3 Fire

Mosmart Marine3 Fire is a unique, biodegradable, worldwide-patented1, firefighting product. Independently tested and CE Certified for use on all Class A fires, Mosmart Marine3 Fire tackles fires faster than water or foam-based products. Using a unique blend of biodegradable surfactants, it reduces smoke formation, toxin emissions and fire temperature, protecting firefighters and the local environment.

Marine3 is the perfect solution

  • Mosmart Marine3 Fire is added directly to the main fire engine water tank or portable pump system and delivered through the hose in the same way as water alone.
  • A 1% dilution of this saline-based solution is effective on the full range of Class A fires. Class B fires will be 2%-3%.
  • The unique blend of biodegradable surfactants reduces the surface tension of the water allowing deeper penetration of the fire.
  • The temperature of the fire is immediately reduced, allowing fire-fighters to advance safely.
  • The surfactants act to dampen the formation of smoke and other toxic chemicals, preventing pollution.
  • Fires are extinguished up to 80% faster than water alone and reignition is prevented in all Class A fire categories.
  • Faster extinguishing means less water and smaller engines can be used to tackle a variety of fires.
  • Mosmart Marine3 acts on all Class A fires, with testing ongoing for Class B. Fire-fighters don’t need to choose between different products as one solution can now tackle a variety of complex fires.
  • Mosmart Marine3 can be inducted into Fire Services equipment using all normal methods (in line inductors, round the pump proportioners and pick-up tubes) so no new equipment needed in order to use the product.

** Bulk supplies can be delivered if a significant amount is needed at an incident. **
** Application Training can be provided if required. **

Fires are extinguished up to 80% faster than water alone1
A one-stop-shop for all Class A fires (with testing pending for Class B).
Reduce water use and prevent environmental damage.
Independently tested in the UK and CE-certified for use worldwide.
BS ISO-9001 certification ongoing.
Forest Fire

Forest & Wild Fires

Marine3 Fire enhances firefighting against forest and wild fires. Its biodegradable surfactants allow water to penetrate deeper into fires, reducing fire temperature and enabling safer advancement for firefighters. It also minimises smoke and toxic chemical formation, protecting the environment and personnel. Fires are extinguished up to 80% faster than with water alone, minimising re-ignition risk and ensuring quicker, safer fire resolution.

Waste Fires

Marine3 Fire is effective for waste fires, ensuring deep penetration of firefighting solutions into waste materials for thorough extinguishing. It rapidly reduces fire temperature and suppresses smoke and toxins, creating a safer firefighting environment. With its quick extinguishing capabilities, it requires less water, leading to more efficient operations and faster safety restoration.

Independently certified as safe and effective

Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) is coming under increased scrutiny with the recent COP26 discussing the phasing out of persistent polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These harmful, human-made substances are often called the forever chemicals, persisting in the environment and causing damage to humans and wildlife. Although many have now been phased out in the UK, smaller carbon chain molecules still exist in firefighting foams to maintain the foam structure and create the film needed to extinguish the fire.

Mosmart Marine3 Fire is an effective alternative to foam-based products. The biodegradable surfactants are simply added to normal water and work to reduce the surface tension and enable deeper penetration. Fires are extinguished faster and reignition is prevented.

Mosmart Marine3 Fire is independently tested by Gresham (SMS) Ltd. and CE-Certified for use worldwide for Class A fires, with Class B status in testing phase.

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1.Not recognised in the USA.
2.As certified in independent testing by Gresham (SMS) Ltd in the use of Mosmart Marine3 Fire to extinguish a tyre fire in comparison to mains water alone