Fight forest and wild fires more effectively with Marine 3

Mosmart Marine3 – Forest & Wild Fires

Marine 3 doesn’t just suppress fires; it optimises water usage.

By reducing water’s surface tension, the wetting agent allows water to penetrate materials more effectively. This means firefighters can achieve better results with less water, making it an invaluable asset in situations where water availability is limited. 

Marine 3

A wetting agent to harness the true power of water

  • Water Use Reduction: Marine 3 doesn’t just suppress fires; it optimises water usage. 
  • Increased Penetration: Marine 3 Fire will help water penetrate and soak into porous materials more effectively. In the context of fire prevention, this can be important for treating vegetation, mulch, and other combustible materials to make them less susceptible to ignition.
  • Reduced Runoff: Marine 3 Fire can help water spread more evenly across surfaces, reducing runoff. This can be particularly useful in preventing erosion and runoff as used with present day foam based fire-retardant materials used to create firebreaks.
  • Extended Effectiveness: marine 3 Fire can increase the duration of water’s effectiveness by preventing rapid evaporation. This is especially valuable in situations where water needs to be applied to prevent ignition or to maintain a barrier against advancing flames.
  • Firebreak Enhancement and Arieal Firefighting: Marine 3 Fire can be applied to firebreaks and control lines to improve their effectiveness. By making the treated area more resistant to ignition, Marine 3 Fire can help prevent fires from crossing containment lines.  Marine 3 Fire can be used in aerial firefighting operations, where they are mixed with water and dropped from aircraft onto wildfires. These agents can help increase the effectiveness of the water in suppressing flames and protecting vegetation.
  • Biodegradable Mineral-Based Formula: Unlike traditional chemical-based wetting agents, Marine 3 Fire employs a mineral-based formulation which breaks down naturally over time, it poses minimal harm to the environment. This innovative approach harnesses the power of natural minerals. The use of minerals ensures a safer and more environmentally friendly solution for fire prevention, eliminates the problems associated with chemical runoff, reducing the risk of harm to aquatic life and ecosystems.
  • Compatibility with Various Applications: Whether it’s combating wildfires, industrial fires, or urban fire scenarios, Marine 3 proves its versatility. Its unique formulation ensures effectiveness across a range of firefighting scenarios, making it an indispensable tool for fire departments and emergency response teams.
Increased Penetration
Reduce Runoff