Increase yields, improve crop quality and protect against disease with this unique blend of fertiliser and biostimulants.

Mosmart Plant Booster

Mosmart Plant Booster contains a unique blend of fertiliser and biostimulants that work with a plant’s natural biological systems to promote root development, increase nutrient uptake and boost resilience to water stress. Unlike traditional fertilisers, Mosmart Plant Booster is applied as a foliar product directly where it is needed – to the leaf. Thanks to patented surfactant technology, the highly refined nitrogen-based fertiliser and biostimulants have maximum surface contact with the leaf. This means immediate uptake and reduced run-off and waste.


How does it work?

  • Biostimulants (fulvic acid, humic acid and amino acids) are combined with urea to form a powerful fertiliser/biostimulant mixture.
  • This all-in-one concentration is mixed with water to form a nutrient-rich solution that contains highly purified versions of the natural substances found in healthy soils.
  • Mosmart Plant Booster is applied directly to the canopy using standard misting equipment and, thanks to patented surfactant technology, the liquid forms close contact with the leaf surface.
  • The fertiliser and biostimulant compounds pass directly through the stomata and into intracellular spaces.
  • Absorption through the leaves means less run-off, meaning less product is needed to achieve increased plant growth, stable root formation and resilience to water stress and soil toxicity.
  • Effects can be seen in as little as 12 hours, versus a week or more for some traditional fertilisers.
  • Mosmart Plant Booster is also perfect for use in propagation stages, helping to encourage root development and develop strong seedlings for transplantation.

Mosmart Plant Booster: where fertiliser and biostimulants meet

Farmers are under intense pressure to produce greater yields while decreasing reliance on chemicals and competing with the threat of cheaper imports. Quality is everything in a buyer’s market but it mustn’t come at too high a price.
Mosmart Plant Booster addresses these many issues by mimicking the plants’ natural processes, such as the growth regulator, auxin. By combining fertiliser and biostimulants into one powerful solution, applied at the foliar level for maximum absorption, plants grow faster and larger, leaves contain more chlorophyll and run-off is reduced, helping farmers to meet strict regulatory standards.

Mosmart Plant Booster is perfect for:

  • Propagation stages – for strong seedling development, establishment and crop uniformity. 
  • Providing an early nitrogen source before root zone development. 
  • Plant hardening – to reduce the risk of plant stress.
  • To reverse plant stress – especially where nitrogen uptake is already limited. 
  • Controlling diseases – such as Downy and Powdery Mildew in cucumbers, Botrytis Mould in grapes and fungal moulds in strawberries.  
  • Improving the appearance of leafy plants – leaves appear greener due to the increase in chlorophyll levels.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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