Increase crop growth, yield and quality with Mosmart CO2 Enriched Water.

Mosmart CO2 Enriched Water

You’ve maximised levels of water, light and nutrients but often carbon dioxide (CO2) acts as the limiting factor when it comes to increasing plant growth and crop yield. Boosting the CO2 concentration in crop environments directly increases the rate of photosynthesis and this means accelerated growth and potential increased yields per acre. But traditional methods to increase CO2 levels are often inefficient and wasteful, carrying a large carbon footprint and requiring investment in expensive technology.

There is another way…

Mosmart CO2 Enriched Water is applied directly through irrigation or misting systems and is the most efficient and cost-effective way to increase CO2 levels for high-value crops and those under protection or in glasshouses.

How does it work?

  • Mosmart CO2 Enriched Water is a super-saturated solution of CO2, manufactured using a unique, specialised process.
  • The product is applied through a closed-loop misting or irrigation system and lands directly on the leaf surface – the site of photosynthesis.
  • As the CO2 comes out of solution it forms a localised, enriched bubble around the leaf, reaching levels of 1500ppm, versus the 400ppm seen in a typical growing environment.
  • CO2 passes quickly and directly into intracellular spaces and into the leaf cells where it can be used in photosynthesis.
  • Once the CO2 is absorbed, the stomata close, preventing water loss.
  • The increased rate of photosynthesis creates sugars that are used as new biomass, expended to absorb nutrients or used to sweeten fruits.
  • Since CO2 is administered directly to the leaf, waste is minimised and levels are concentrated around the leaf, where it is needed.

Say goodbye to inefficient and costly atmospheric CO2 systems

CO2 depletion can cause big problems when it comes to high-value crops and those grown in vertical farming, under protection or glasshouse environments. In high summer, when growth should be at its highest, low CO2 levels can stunt plant growth and decrease yields over time.

Growers need to increase CO2 levels rapidly, whenever growing conditions demand it. In fact, increasing CO2 levels in tomato greenhouses to a consistent 800-1000 ppm increases yield by over 30%, when compared to standard atmospheric levels.

Traditional atmospheric CO2 systems can’t easily deliver the immediate and sustained levels needed for this type of high-value crop. Combined heat and power (CHP) systems generate CO2 through the burning of fossil fuels, such as natural gas, generating high a carbon footprint. The resulting CO2 is pumped as a gas into the greenhouse but it sinks quickly, meaning that levels can vary widely throughout the crop, with the highest levels at the soil level rather than at the canopy where it is needed. Increasingly high concentrations of CO2 need to be produced to deliver the correct amount to the leaves and this means large and expensive equipment and big energy bills.

By delivering the CO2 in a concentrated bubble directly to the leaf, Mosmart CO2 Enriched Water solves this problem. The plant gets exactly what it needs, where it needs it, almost instantly with very little wasted. And the irrigation system is so efficient that it can be switched on and applied throughout the day, as needed.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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