Fast-acting pH control for increased yields across all crops.

Mosmart pH Shift

When pH levels are out of balance, crops yield suffers. Plants are slow to take up nutrients, leading to deficiencies and crop stress, root development is impaired, diseases thrive and growth is stunted. Although applying granulated limestone solves this problem, it is a slow-acting solution, requiring specialist third-party contractors and suitable for only the largest farms.

Mosmart pH Shift is different. Using an emulsion of suspended, micronized lime, it is applied as a liquid via precision spraying. The result: the plant is provided with lime exactly where it is needed for easy absorption.


How does it work?

  • Mosmart pH Shift uses a powerful, patented surfactant to hold very fine particles of micronized lime in a permanent, stable emulsion.
  • As an emulsion, Mosmart pH Shift can be sprayed onto fields at the soil level for near-immediate absorption by the roots.
  • The application requires no specialised equipment or third-party contractors, meaning that Mosmart pH Shift can be used as and when needed.
  • This targeted application means that pH adjustment can be tailored to the exact requirement of each crop and area, even using GPS heat maps for precision control across the field.
  • Mosmart pH Shift is also perfect for use as a soil drench when transplanting brassicas from compost, helping to establish strong root networks and preventing diseases such as Club Root.
  • With targeted and flexible application and fast-acting results, Mosmart pH Shift can be used for short-term crop rotations without the lingering pH effects of slow-acting limestone granules.
  • With greater nutrient uptake, less fertiliser is needed which reduces costs and the environmental impact of nitrogen leaching.

Take control of lime absorption

Dusty, inaccurate and slow-acting, traditional lime spreading is characterised by messy clouds of quarry powder. Although lime is effective at raising soil pH and the benefits of less-acidic soils are well understood, the methods of applying lime are expensive, time-consuming and often requires specialised contractors and equipment. Because lime granules are large, it takes time for the soil to incorporate them. This means that the effects are slow-acting but long-lasting – a big problem if you want fast results and crop rotations that require varying pH.

Lime is extremely effective at increasing pH, so this is still the basis of Mosmart pH Shift but used in its micronized form, in an easy-to-spray liquid emulsion, farmers get all the benefits with none of the issues. Mosmart pH Shift acts fast, meaning that nutrient uptake is immediately improved, fertiliser wastage is reduced and crop yields increased. Most importantly, because Mosmart pH Shift can be easily applied using standard spraying equipment, all fields and farms of all sizes can benefit.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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